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The ultimate open-source solution for vector graphics design

Inkscape |
updated on November 28, 2023
94.8mb | opensource


Extensive bitmap tracing option
Strong community and frequent updates
Open-source and completely free to use
Possesses the majority of core functionalities found in Adobe Illustrator
Compatible with multiple file formats, including AI


Steep learning curve
An overwhelming number of features, which can prove to be beginner-unfriendly
Longer startup time when compared to Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and Affinity Designer
Price: $
The world of graphic design is dominated by Adobe Illustrator and finding a suitable and reliable replacement in the open-source world is a serious undertaking. Well, at least it was until Inkscape came along. Inkscape is just as good as Adobe Illustrator, if not better. The only thing it lacks is the name and we're here to change that!

Utilizing its abundant set of features, Inkscape makes logo design, clip art, flowcharts, cartoons, etc. come to life. It is perfect for someone looking to learn the principles of vector graphic creation. Unlike raster graphics, vector graphics render at unlimited resolution, allowing for sharper printouts.

Inkscape's main format is SVG, supported by various applications among which are web browsers. But unlike other applications, Inkscape supports the import and export of all the major file formats including AI, EPS, PDF, PS, and PNG.

The convenient shortcuts for Spray, Eraser, and Gradient tools enable users to create stunning effects seemingly and effortlessly. Its most comprehensive feature is certainly bitmap tracing, useful for upscaling raster image files for posters and boards.

Other than being open-source and free to use, Inkscape's attractive point is its strong community. Assistance is at a mere click of a button via the "Help" menu, where you can find extensive manuals and tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced level. The app requires a bit of a longer learning curve, but it pays off eminently.

Inkscape's interface can look a little bit overwhelming to a first-time user, but it's fully customizable to suit one's desires. Once you get used to the way the windows can get rearranged, you will appreciate the flexibility down the road. It is worth mentioning that Inkscape is cross-platform with support for Windows, Linux, and macOS and receives constant maintenance with regular updates.
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